Book Author Visit or Author Signing:

For schools, bookstores, or libraries, R.W. Raymond and his team will visit and  and provide a wonderful interactive storytelling that will help kids get motivated about literacy and education. There’s also photo opts and goodie giveaways at the end! Contact us for available dates.

 Book the Puff and Bean Live Show:

Kids will be dazzled by life-sized Puff and Bean characters as they perform a live show while teaching morals and educational concepts through song and dance. Don’t miss this exciting and interactive spin-off of the upcoming Puff and Bean kids TV show!

For southwest Louisiana local bookings, please book 3 weeks in advance of your event date. For all non-local bookings, please book 5-6 weeks in advance of your event. Special travel arrangements will apply for all non-local bookings. Call (337) 344-7677 for more info.

Publicity and Other Requests:


For television, print, internet and radio interviews with author R.W. Raymond or for licensing inquiries or bulk book orders call (337) 344-7677 or submit form below.


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