Join Puff and her little brother Bean in an all new children’s picture book adventure, “The Fun Adventures of Puff and Bean: Hide and Seek”.

With the help of their friends, they use their imaginations to explore an Amazon Jungle, trek a scorching desert, and even blast off to the moon!



Join the Adventure!

High Quality



The special limited edition books are beautifully printed on a scuff-free, matte finish hardcover, accented with spot UV gloss. All 44 pages of vividly colored illustrations are printed on premium grade paper. It’s almost like watching a cartoon show in the book.

Every limited edition book comes with a FREE audio reading. Simply scan the QR code that’s included in the book with your smart phone or tablet and instantly hear the story with great music and cool sound effects. This innovative idea brings together digital listening and print books in a clever way that uses today’s technology. No hassle with CDs or wires.

In every book, kids will learn while they read! Puff and Bean incorporates Play-along reading in every adventure, teaches kids basic reading and number skills and gives them the confidence to reach their goals. Parents can find treasure in how each book blends positive social messages about getting along with others and problem solving.

Meet the Characters

At six and a half years of age, Puff is brave, imaginative, curious and never hesitates to dive into an adventure. She’s the older sibling to her little brother, Bean and serves as something of a big sister to the readers as well. Puff is smart, empathetic and has the ability to learn from her own mistakes and from the mistakes of others. She embodies the spirit of a true role model.


A lovable six-year-old with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. He is a loyal buddy to the rest of the bunch. Alberto speaks English and Spanish and lives with his grandma Lola.



Bean is the four year old younger brother to Puff. He’s sweet and loving but often mischievous. Like the typical kid brother, Bean sometime make wrong choices and gets into trouble. Bean is a tough little guy. He learns about the world by scraping his knees and banging his shins. When he is feeling down, he can always count on an encouraging word from Puff. But no one can make Puff laugh the way Bean can.

Jack-O-Bot is Bean’s imaginative toy robot who comes to life and accompanies him on their adventures. This brave  and heroic action figure can fly, shoot laser beams from his eyes and he packs a mean punch.

Jack-O-Bot will definietly be a hit with young male readers.



Although she is confined to a wheelchair, it doesn’t stop this smart six-year-old from going on adventures with her friends. Always a step ahead, Robin provides essential information that help complete their journeys.

Charlie Bear is Puff’s playful and imaginative stuffed teddy bear who accompanies her on their adventures. Quite often he’s cautious, and makes his way through  any circumstance slowly and thoughtfully. When they’re not on adventures, he is often found baking for his friends.


Available Soon

NEW Puff and Bean Storybook App available soon!

Take Puff and Bean everywhere your child goes with an interactive app for your mobile device. Fun, engaging and entertaining, this app will also support your child’s learning and development.

Designed specifically for little fingers, this highly interactive mobile version of the “Hide and Seek” book is the perfect treat for your little ones.




- Hundreds of interactive touch-points

- Great music and cool sound effects

- Dialogue voiced by child actors

- Read to me or read to self options

Puff and Bean Enterprises, LLC is an educational company that creates creatively clever, educational children’s books and products. These unique products are great tools that center on the academic classroom curriculum as well as to help build confidence and improve self-esteem.

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